Relaxing Bath

Everyday stress, sensory overload and emotional pressure bring your body out of balance. Holzhacker relaxing bath, with its effective essential plant oils, reaches its optimal strength in a well-tempered bath. The combination of the sweet-flowery aroma of the harmonising geranium oil with the fresh, fruity fragrance of the emotionally uplifting effect of the petitgrain oil helps you to find your inner balance and to replenish your energy reserves.

Recommended use and advice:

  • ½-1 cap full according to size of bathtub
  • rinse cap after use
  • enough for 10-15 full baths

Not suitable for infants or toddlers. In case of skin irritation stop use immediately.

Due to the continual development of the products and in response to new scientific findings and legal requirements there can be changes in the ingredients listed on the products. The exact mixture can always be found on the outer packaging of the product.

Active Ingredients:

This essential oil has a stimulating and strengthening effect. It is obtained from the bitter orange.

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