Breathe Free Bath

Cold, wet weather often leads to cold symptoms like tension and exhaustion. Holzhacker Breathe Free Bath made with precious essential oils develops its full strength in a well-tempered bath. The intensely fragrant eucalyptus oil frees the sinuses and the fresh smelling rosemary oil has a positive effect on the circulation system. This harmonious symbiosis helps the body to revitalise itself and creates a feeling of well-being in a natural way.

Recommended use and advice:

  • ½-1 cap full according to bathtub size
  • rinse cap after use
  • enough for 10-15 full baths

Not suitable for infants or toddlers. In case of skin irritation stop use immediately.

Due to the continual development of the products and in response to new scientific findings and legal requirements there can be changes in the ingredients listed on the products. The exact mixture can always be found on the outer packaging of the product.

Active Ingredients:

The phenolic elements thymol and carvacrol in thyme oil have fungicidal and anti-oxidative effects. For this reason thyme oil is often used in shampoos which are meant to fight dandruff and oily hair. This type of oil is also highly suitable for use in baths. Here its deodorant effect and its stimulating qualities come to light.
Rosemary blossom extract has a stimulating effect on the circulation system and blood flow. It is also frequently used in hair-growth compounds. In addition to this, the extract is also excellent for use in bath essences.
Camphor is attained from the camphor tree through the process of steam distillation. The active ingredient has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and refreshing qualities.
The antiseptic and invigorating eucalyptus oil is frequently used as a scent. It also has regenerative effects and relieves cramps. The essential oil is attained from the leaves and twigs of the eucalyptus plant through the process of steam distillation.
Basil oil is soften used as a fragrance in cosmetics. This oil also helps maintain the moisture and suppleness of the skin.

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